Andrew & Katie // Rockhampton

As I was leaving Andrew & Katie’s I was having a few last words with the groom. “It’s all about collaboration” I was saying. The day had gone well I thought and I had lots to be thankful for- things usually do go well on wedding days- being a day of celebration and all. But when the bridal party are particularly awesome you know the images are going to turn out that extra bit special. And when the bride and groom really care (ontop of being great people that you’re proud to call friends) you know there’s not much limiting how good the result can be.

So yeah- I couldn’t have asked for more from Katie & Andrew. Before the day or during. A couple of car pooled trips around Rocky/Gracemere meant we’d spent lots of time together and even before their wedding day it had turned into shooting a friends wedding. Add the fact they had wonderful people around them all day and I couldn’t have asked for more. It wasn’t hard to tell that Katie’s sisters were 100% focused on helping their little sister have the perfect wedding day. Megan & Robyn just seemed excited for her all morning and you couldn’t help but notice. All while the boys got ready at Andrews parents place; 10-12 friends and family (or at least it felt like that many people?);  relaxing amongst the chaos of having lots of  guests (even though Peter & Lynne were super duper hosts).

Otherwise I’ve run out of room (I talk & type too much). But I couldn’t finish this without saying thanks for a few other things. ; ).

Offering me lollies and Champagne from 9:00am.
Andrew’s family offering me lunch at ever turn.
Katie looking incredible that dress (she even looked good in the full body under dress!)
A seat in the bus of schnanagans.
Reception seat with the bridal party (complete with my own specially made name tag thingo.). 
For having an awesome bridal party and being nothing but friendly towards me all day.