Ben & Jessica // Hamilton Island

These 2 really seem to have it together. However, you won’t ever be able to get them to tell you about it. For all their accomplishments (none of which are self-proclaimed) they always make things about everyone else. After hearing the parents & guests speeches I only then realised how much they’ve both achieved- yet they themselves will never go on about any of it. They made a big deal about everyone else & there is no missing how grateful they are for the people who’ve influenced their lives… especially their parents (and since I’m reasonably new to this parent thing that just made me like them just that little bit more).

Beyond this they were both great to me as well. On most peoples panic day (day before the wedding)- Jess was good enough to meet me at the airport, organise me a golf buggy, get my room sorted, give me a tour and all-round get me settled into the island.. Thanks for that and everything before- you guys deserve every bit of good karma you get (no, neither me nor them are hippies- I’m just making a point).  ;).
And yep Hamilton Island is of course paradise- just a bonus really.. People make these things.