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Rockhampton Wedding Photography – David & Katie

Bumping into these two while shopping (the week of their wedding) re-confirmed what I already knew. They are a super SUPER relaxed couple. David was unlucky enough to have come off second best to some bitumen road and his face- had- lets say.. a bit of a mark. Although it wouldn’t help anything- brides are 100% allowed...

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Rockhampton Wedding Photography – Pieter & Emma

Although Pieter didn’t believe me- Emma & Pieter’ location shoot was the easiest I’ve EVER done. Not cause I was taking it easy- but because I’d direct them to the area I want them to be around and they’d give me photography gold. Play around a bit- laugh a bit, be serious a bit. Ingredients...

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Rockhampton Wedding Photography – Karyn & Simon

I can’t help smiling about Karyn & Simon’s wedding day and it’s for all the wrong reasons. (Don’t worry- not really wrong reasons). I got to drop them back to Echelon at the end of the their day- and for some reason that meant lots. It’s nice when people trust you enough to ask that....

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Rockhampton Wedding Photography – Riki & Alysha

I first really got to know Alysha & Riki at a wedding that wasn’t their’s. Nathan & Michelle got married back in May- and the 4 of them seem pretty tight. Nathan & Michelle’s wedding was where I first saw that Alysha’s capable of 1 hand pushups  (after a couple of drinks). Also got to...

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Rockhampton Wedding Photography – Melinda & Shanan

Around 4 months ago I was lucky enough to shoot Melinda & Shanan’s wedding. Ask Letitia (my wife) and she’ll agree with me when I say I can’t remember where I left my keys- but no drama recalling the festivities of this day. But before that day- another one had set the tone. I was...

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