Craig & Amy // Newcastle

During speeches you can usually tell which stories and statements are going to affect people most. So you watch to see their reactions, and while its hard to explain- Amy and Craig experienced those times together- looking at each other all through the reception. They were thinking about the other before thinking about themselves. That was kind of a theme through the day

And sure, while these 2 are certainly kind, generous & all that guff-  they’re tough as nails. Amy’s crazy fit & one of only a few ladies to complete the Army’s 6 week intensive training program. Craig is just the same- his mother told the story of him breaking his bones as a boy (in one of his many grissly bicycle wreaks). Once he eventually dragged himself home he didn’t make any comment aside from being sorry that he ruined his bloody socks..

Aside from all that Craig & Amy had plenty else to keep me entertained included grated shoes, good ol’ fashion groom tackling, tears, wardrobe malfunctions & some pretty great friends and family too. Massive thank you to C&A for always being so great to me, to Amy’s folks (and David) who dropped me back to my car at the end of the night (even though they were exhausted & out on their feet).

PS. Newcastle was beautiful too- but think that’s what the photos are for.