David & Melissa. Rockhampton Wedding Photography.

I’ve been in pretty poor form when it’s come to blogging lately- and believe me- I’ve wanted to do better. The back end of this year has been crazy and with a couple of days (more like 1 and a bit) before my break I’m keen to tell some stories (that have been waiting patiently for me to assemble).

I wasn’t sure where to start really- but on the most simple level- there’s 1 couple who haven’t yet seen the images from their wedding. They’re on holidays- keen to see more then the half dozen I’ve sent. And I owe them. I owe lots of people. That’s why I’m going to pretty much chain myself to the table and get writing.

But enough about me- this is about Dave & Mel.
Lovely, warm, positive people. Dave’s dad verbalised what I couldn’t quite put my finger on. They are best friends. People you feel like you’ve known for years. Their bridal party were champs too. Smashed 5/6 different locations in no time at all- all because that’s the kind of people that Dave & Mel attract. As for the mystery of the Dave’s pirate ginger bread man- it’s because he tell’s pirate jokes a few sherberts.

Thanks for the patience guys. Will look forward to catching up in 2012! Enjoy the last days of your honeymoon!


F a c e b o o k