Rhys & Shae // Byron Bay

When I got the email about a wedding in Byron Bay it was safe to say I was pretty keen. I’d briefly met Shae & Rhys at Clint & Liz's wedding- but nothing had prepared me for it.

There’s lots I want to say about this day. But I don’t know how I can make it all fit.
So dot points are the go (yes I know that’s a bit weak).

Clint, Liz (Tim and Amie too I guess)- thanks for putting me onto a winner.
Bec (bridesmaid for those who weren’t there)- amazing job on the dresses.
Thanks to Shae’s family for taking such good care of me.
Congratulations to Rhys’s parents who were all kinds of proud.
Rhys and Shae- thanks… For all of it. Especially for getting me into a nightclub with a camera..

I went down expecting to experience how awesome Byron was. But people made it. Friends & family. Proud, fun- all the good stuff. Congratulations guys and hope you’re enjoying Europe. ; ).