Rockhampton Wedding Photography – Lee & Katie

Mid last year I had received an email from a lady whose name seemed familiar- and then a call from her father about an hour later. Still I couldn’t figure out why they seemed so familiar until I heard the grooms name. Lee Johnston. Been mates for years (bit weak I didn’t pickup on the name of his fiancee straight away). Anyway- as I’m sure you could imagine- it didn’t take long to figure everything out. Katie assures me that she chose Blink because of how our work looked- not cause of history with the groom to be (which she was unaware of). Whatever the reason- I’m so glad to have been there on the day. Relaxed, beautiful, warm- all the good words you could imagine basically. Everybody looked fantastic- but in the girls case it wasn’t from lots of stressing and effort- they just all looked beautiful- even from 10am. Speaking of the girls- I just happened to already know both the bridesmaids as well. Worked together, played in the same touch team- and I knew they’d be great fun too! I couldn’t loose on a day like this.

Thanks everybody- Lenny, Glenda, Dave, Jean, Joel (especially surprised how well you behaved buddy), Morgan, Kate & Corker.Lee and Katie too of course..


Yes- that’s the bride helping with nails.

Katie. Gorgeous.



Lee & Joel.

Lenny (Lee’s dad). Good man.

Dave (Katie’s dad- another good man)- showing off one Katie’s childhood friends.

Well I know that’s lots of images- sorry for not posting up any of Jean or Glenda- or Morgan…. but I think 33 is enough. ; ).

F a c e b o o k