Scott & Kathryn // Rockhampton

The idea of shooting Scott & Kathryn’s wedding was at first just a little daunting. They’re both in creative medias and have reputations fitting the great work they’ve done. Don’t get me wrong- they never came across as opinionated or demanding (they were in fact the very opposite!). Anyways- that little bit of daunted-ness was gone after about 20 minutes of our engagement shoot. Different- that was pretty much the brief once we got going. And while different can at times be tough- they all… Did good. ; ).  Things seemed to just come together and work and that’s how it should be- it just felt easy..

There was of course more to their day then that. What they had both organised particularly for the reception was amazing. Add the fact that they had pretty much done it all themselves- and it sure was impressive. Otherwise it was just nice to be there to see it all. I’ve been lucky enough to get to know these 2 pretty well (even though I called Kathryn “Kathleen” at Katie & David’s wedding in March- I still feel bad!). There’s something great about speeches at a reception and getting to know a bit more about people whose day you are there to document.

And finally- just a big ol’ thanks to you both. It’s such a big day and you already had lots to deal with- but you were both so good to me. All day- helping me where you could, it was beyond professional courtesy and very muchly appreciated!