Trent & Jodie // Yeppoon

There was plenty of reasons for me to be excited to shoot Trent & Jodie’s wedding. A pretty big one was where I first met them.
Jodie was bridesmaid at her sisters wedding.. The legendary wedding of Mark & Kelly’s, March 2010. That wedding changed me. I mean they all do- really- really really- but this more then any other. That reception openned my eyes to how incredible a wedding reception could be. It changed my idea of what was possible & why I was there. And I’ve kind of owed them since for that belief.

Needless to say there’s plenty more to Jodie & Trent then that though. She’s the nicest lady you’ll meet. Her sister put it best in her speech- something about giving unknown oldies lifts home so they don’t have to wait 40mins for a bus.
Trent is undoubtedly the finest fisherman on the East Coast. . He’s that yeah-yeah-nah guy who seems a bit quiet but you know is as genuine as they come and will always look after his mates/family. Together they just look content- and with their son Kaden they’re proud as.. Their families are pretty great too- I think positive is the right word- and Trent’s dad can kill it on the dance floor as good as any I’ve seen.

And then there’s their wonderful group of friends- a few of which I’ve got to know pretty well- would even call friends of mine and dang they know how to party, can give atomic wedgies (not to me) & some can grow a mean moustache.. Hats off to the Shortfall boys who can really put on a show too.