Adrian & Kristy's ummm.. Mini Blog..

I've been meaning to blog up pics of these 2 since their wedding back in Sept. I'm not sure what it was- but they both meant lots to me..
Probably something to do with the fact they write the best emails in the whole wide world. Random & awesome- as though they were trying to make your day with only the power of their quirky words. I know none of that makes sense to anyone else- but it's the truth & some times you just have to be there to get it.. 
And yeah I had to include pics from their 'first look'.. Was amazing to be there, trusted to see it & see how it just gave them this level of calm. Again I think you had to be there..

A few from August & September..

The last 2/3 years have been a bit of a haze.  Like any new parents will tell you- its been a crazy ride with our 2 sons- a bit under 12 months apart. And now I think the haze is lifting- our youngest son is walking, our oldest son is really coming out of his shell, I feel like I have found what I believe matters in photography, I'm on top of my workload & I'm really enjoying the simple joys of my job.. 

My life feels a little less crazy.. So it's given me time to review things, look at what I do, to think about what I can do better, commit to a few less things (so I stay out of crazy town), recognise what things I love to do most and to plan for what I want to be in years to come..  Sooo I'm dropping my shop in a few months (Bryce is still heartbroken), I'm going to really strive to grow creatively, I'm going to use some really interesting locations & share lots more of my work. I'll also be streamlining albums & prints..

So that's the plan- a bit of a course correction for & I'm excited to see how things keep moving in the time ahead.

Otherwise- thanks to everyone for the support and patience over the last few years (it really has been a dream run wedding wise).. Especially want to thank my wife.. With x2 young kids and a husband that works all day Saturday- it basically means she has not social life..

Anyways- onwards & upwards. A bit excited for the times ahead.. Andddd here's a few pics from the last few months..

Andrew & Bambi // Gympie

Just like Bambi's wedding blog was titled (click here to see hers)- these 2 are unmistakably best friends. There's just no missing it- they just have so much fun together. While they're both very visible around the area with their respective careers- there is so much more to to them. They're both animal lovers, foodies, jokers, proud family people and are strongly community minded- so they have plenty in common- but they're also so different and so much fun to be around. They challenge each other with their differences- but they also just get each other on all the levels that matter and make for entertaining company! 

As for the day- Bambi may have been a bit more of an influence on it's styling then Andy. And you could easily see how the weddings she's shot had influenced all the amazing details on the day. It was similar to the weddings she loves doing with all their vintage inspirations- but also different in many ways too- and it was certainly proof of how much she loves that stuff. Andy was involved of course- he did build 'that' jetty with his bare hands no less..

And yeah- for me it was the greatest privilege I'll ever get in photography. Mainly because they're as good a people as you'll meet and yeah maybe because Bambi's the biggest influence I've had in photography (read about that here). ; ).