A few from August & September..

The last 2/3 years have been a bit of a haze.  Like any new parents will tell you- its been a crazy ride with our 2 sons- a bit under 12 months apart. And now I think the haze is lifting- our youngest son is walking, our oldest son is really coming out of his shell, I feel like I have found what I believe matters in photography, I'm on top of my workload & I'm really enjoying the simple joys of my job.. 

My life feels a little less crazy.. So it's given me time to review things, look at what I do, to think about what I can do better, commit to a few less things (so I stay out of crazy town), recognise what things I love to do most and to plan for what I want to be in years to come..  Sooo I'm dropping my shop in a few months (Bryce is still heartbroken), I'm going to really strive to grow creatively, I'm going to use some really interesting locations & share lots more of my work. I'll also be streamlining albums & prints..

So that's the plan- a bit of a course correction for & I'm excited to see how things keep moving in the time ahead.

Otherwise- thanks to everyone for the support and patience over the last few years (it really has been a dream run wedding wise).. Especially want to thank my wife.. With x2 young kids and a husband that works all day Saturday- it basically means she has not social life..

Anyways- onwards & upwards. A bit excited for the times ahead.. Andddd here's a few pics from the last few months..